Day of Giving: Mom shares impact of crisis nursery

Day of Giving

EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WCIA) — Darian McElroy’s daughter, Ariel, could spend hours playing with toys and other tots at Effingham’s Crisis nursery.

“I know she is just loved here,” McElroy says. “I can absolutely tell.”

McElroy admits she never expected the crisis nursery to become such an important part of their lives. A teacher showed it to her last year, but it wasn’t until McElroy couldn’t find a sitter that she turned to the nursery. Her daughter has been going there ever since, as her dad works and her mom finishes up high school.

McElroy plans to graduate early this December. She says the nursery is helping her family with multiple aspects of raising a child, from offering a nurturing environment to assisting with the costs of diapers, wipes and food.

“When I take her here, I don’t even have to bring a diaper bag,” McElroy says. “They have everything for me: her food, her clothes.”

McElroy says the nursery even gives her new clothes to keep each time they change her daughter.

“I don’t even know where they get all this,” McElroy says. “You need to help them out, because they help us out.”

Effingham’s crisis nursery provides round-the-clock emergency care for children and also helps families in crisis. The nursery offers a safe space for children from birth to 6-years-old.

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