Crisis nursery offers support for family

Day of Giving

EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WCIA) — A mother of three says Effingham’s Crisis Nursery has shown her family love and support during a difficult chapter.

Cabrenna Roberts came to Central Illinois a few years ago, and struggled to find a home. She says she and her two sons and daughter were going from house to house, and sometimes sleeping in her car in-between. A program referred her to the Crisis Nursery.

“I came here and right away, they set me up with resources and looking for a daycare. They were watching the kids,” Roberts says.

Roberts says it’s been amazing seeing the volunteers shower her kids with love and support.

“They interact with the other kids well,” she says. “They just enjoy coming here. Every time I pass by, they want to come here.”

She says the crisis nursery means a lot to her, especially as the weather gets colder.

“The crisis nursery, they’re very good with all situations and watching the kids, and just being able to help out and giving me the time and just being so patient,” Roberts says.

She now has an apartment and a job. She hopes to go back to school so she can work with kids who have special needs, like her son.

“For her to be now a productive citizen that’s working and providing for her family, that reaches further than I think we’ll ever imagine,” executive director Meghan Rewers says.

Effingham’s crisis nursery provides round-the-clock emergency care for children and also helps families in crisis. The nursery offers a safe space for children from birth to 6-years-old.

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