Tuscola couple captures humanity through dog photographs


Kirby and Cindy Pringle aren’t your typical photographers. They care deeply about getting the perfect shot, however, their models aren’t who you might expect. Today, they are working with their boxer Finnigan and are struggling to get him to move into the perfect position. 

“They have a short attention span like kids, so we have about 10 or 15 minutes that we can work with.” says Kirby Pringle 

The Pringles, who own Dogtown Artworks in Tuscola, specialize in photographing dogs in human-like situations. From pictures of dog doctors to dogs riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, they have done it all. The couple photographs the dogs faces and hands, then superimposes them into pictures of human bodies. It is a concept that has taken off, and hundreds of photos later, they think they know why it has become so popular. 

“Dogs were the first animals that humans domesticated, I think there is this long and close link between humans and dogs.” says Kirby Pringle 

For more information about Dogtown Artworks, you can visit their website. 

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