Rantoul Public Library Showcasing Local Artists


The Rantoul Public Library services the Rantoul area for events, and is the place to be for any interest someone may have. The library has several clubs and now is creating the Local Artist Spotlight to help showcase not only the talent we have right here in Rantoul, but also Champaign, Paxton, and the smaller surrounding communities.

The Rantoul Public Library is a beacon of information, and the staff answers a variety of questions ranging from “Do you have this specific book?”, all the way to “What was Geroge Washington’s favorite hobby?”. Although people associate the library with only having books, they have a club for almost every single hobby a person could have; and if anyone ever has a problem, the library is the best place to go for an answer.

As a Public Library, they offer a lot of things people wouldn’t expect us to. Through various clubs, events, and even items you can check out; we provide almost everything you can think of

The Local Artist Spotlight is the main purpose, and to highlight the need for a new roof. We are accepting donations, and are having several different events to try and raise the funds we need. 

The first Local Artist Spotlight will be held August 25th, and will feature a photographer by the name of Kali Morgan. An open donation will be taken, with half of the proceeds going to the artist, and half of it to the “Raise the Roof” campaign for the library.

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