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TNB Bank was founded in 1890 by farmers and small business people who weren’t able to find financing for their businesses. The staff has continuously served the farm community and small business customers for the past 128 years.

What’s interesting about our work is that TNB Bank can see the results of the work the staff does in financing small businesses and farmers in the community. Projects like the Ironhorse Golf Course and Subdivision only happen when there are local lenders committed to developing projects that are important to the community.

TNB Bank spends a considerable amount of time with their customers, and potential customers, learning about what they hope to accomplish and working out ways they can help them. TNB Bank have financed farm operating loans and farm real estate, housing developments, a golf course, food trucks, restaurants, hardware stores, car washes, and many more types of businesses. The staff solves the problem of how to fill the needs of farmers and other business people who are typically ignored by larger regional banks.

President Murphy has volunteered with local economic development organizations over the past 35 years, helping to build and maintain the local economies of 16 central Illinois counties. Keeping the smaller communities economically healthy requires the efforts of a broad range of people, including finance professionals, economic development professionals, and state and local politicians.

TNB Bank excel in the areas of business finance, including farm lending. Those are the types of loans that keep the business community in our smaller towns alive and growing. Many of our competitors do little or none of that type of lending.

TNB Bank is running a special rate on 13-month certificates of deposit to celebrate the Our Town Tuscola event.

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