Enjoy Crabfest and Early Dining Specials this Summer at Red Lobster


Celebrate Crabfest at Red Lobster this summer.  Jennifer Tuttle, general manager for the Champaign restaurant teaches us the finer points of cracking crab legs.

This year during Crabfest, guests can discover bigger and better ways to enjoy the largest variety of wild-caught crab. 

Red Lobster offers North American Jumbo Snow crab.  This type of crab is new to their Crabfest menu, and is the largest Snow crab of the year.  It has snowy-white meat with a sweet taste and delicate texture.  Red Lobster get their Jumbo Snow crab from the cold waters of North America.  

Next is Pacific Northwest Dungeness crab.  This type of crab is exclusive to Red Lobster’s Crabfest menu.  It has a clean, mild flavor with a flaky texture.  Red Lobster gets their Dungeness crab from the Pacific coastal waters from Alaska to California.  

Red Lobster offers North Pacific King crab.  This type of crab has a harder, spikier shell compared to Jumbo Snow and Dungeness.  The nice large pieces of crab meat have a rich, savory flavor.  Red Lobster get this King crab from the icy waters of the North Pacific.

For more on Red Lobster’s menu and early dining specials visit their website and Facebook page.

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