Wingsgiving at The Wing Stop


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Wingsgiving at The Wing Stop is when the restaurant is closed but the staff graciously volunteer their time and serve all walks of life one free meal whether its just a snack or a meal before your big one at home.

Here’s more from The Wing Stop:

We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have a hot meal on Thanksgiving. With each meal consisting of 5 boneless wings ( 1 of four flavors ) , an order of fries, fresh baked roll, ranch , and bottle of water, we make sure we supply as much as we can. Collectively we have served more than 4000 meals in the last 5 years, hoping to do hundreds more this year while maintaining safety and covid regulations.

I am very strongly involved with the people and not only our guests but also all of our staff. I believe strongly in creating the best experiences for people whether I’m in the kitchen making chicken or in the studio making music for the masses , my goal is to make people happy and have a one of a type experience. Ultimately, this drive and thought process is the reason I started Wingsgiving 5 years ago. To make people in our community happy and wanted them to know there is a business that not only values them , but appreciates them. I think people wonder how I run multiple restaurants and still have time to be a full time recording artist. On top of that, I think the ultimate action of putting time and effort into the people in your community shapes the business as a positive footprint within the town.

I try to help people find a better version of their life. Always changing perspectives to help change the mindset of certain situations. I give all my employees that want to start their own business pointers and tips and experiences and lessons I’ve learned while I’m in business. Being a young business owner since 21, I had to change my mindset on a lot of things very fast. One thing is, with my music , I am on the road most of the month and still make this a priority because the people are the most important part to me in business. Our organization is a restaurant that does more than serve food , we value our community and make sure the people , first responders, and everyone that enters that door is treated with nothing but respect and given nothing but family like service. We hope to always influence other businesses to take their platforms and see what can happen if you just take a little time and effort… you can change your community and ultimately the world.

We are just normal people that want to make the world a better place and using our small platform to make the biggest impact on our local community. People are all in the business of making money, but to us, its much bigger than that. We make sure, every time the restaurant is closed, we are doing something within the community. Every Thanksgiving we do Wingsgiving, and every Christmas we raise 100s of toys for Carle pediatric ward for the Children. We love it

512 S Neil St Champaign IL, 61820

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