What you need to know about individual open enrollment


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Individual Open Enrollment

It’s open enrollment time – through December 15 – for people younger than 65 who don’t receive healthcare coverage at work. Here to tell us what we need to know is Charles Joujoute, Manager of Consumer Sales for Health Alliance. Thank you for being here.

Today we’re talking about individual insurance. Just so folks are clear, who is individual insurance for?

• People younger than 65.
• Not on Medicare.
• Self-employed or not covered at work.
• Not covered by parents’ plan (through age 26).
• Individual and families.

Why is health insurance important, especially for people in their 20s and 30s and even 40s who might think they can do without?

• Stay healthy and active.
• Tests and screenings.
• Colds, minor injuries.
• Prescription meds.
• Manage cost for unforeseen disease or major injuries.

How do people learn more about which Health Alliance plan will best meet their needs?

• Call Health Alliance at (877) 686-1168.
• Go to HealthAlliance.org to see how cost-effective the plan is.
• Contact your local agent.
• Make an appointment to visit us (on or after November 1) at:
o Health Alliance Connections in Champaign.
o By appointment only during COVID-19. Members and staff will need to be free from symptoms and wear a mask during their appointment.

Once people choose the plan that best meets their needs, what can they expect from Health Alliance?

• The first three virtual visits are free (including behavioral health).
o Flu season, allergies, sore throat and pink eye.
• An experience truly dedicated to the consumer, as evidenced by Health Alliance A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
• A growing network of providers dedicated to meeting your healthcare needs.
• “Balance-of-life” programs that feature a fitness benefit and discounts on services in your community.
• Great customer service from real people right here in Illinois.
• And a mobile app called Hally to help you navigate your coverage anytime.

This is so helpful, but some people might still be intimidated by all the information. What do you recommend to help them move past that?

• Call or make an appointment to come in.
• We’ll walk you through cost-saving options and see if you qualify for help paying your premiums.
• Visit HealthAlliance.org.
• You can also find a local navigator near you by visiting healthcare.gov.

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