U of I Researchers Develop Seri Mask


Urbana, IL (WCIA) Thanks to COVID-19 pandemic, we think more about air quality inside our home, office and in the public. But long before COVID, Engineers at the U of I were studying air filtration.
Happening in your community, Serionix, technology backed by NASA. President and co-founder James Langer share more about air quality, air filtration, and face masks.

Serionix builds air filters for everyone from astronauts to pet parents to remove odors and chemicals from the air, and our filters change color to let you know when it’s time to replace them.

Serionix started out of the U of I Materials Science and Engineering department, worked at the UI Research Park for several years and are now working in Urbana. Pending city approval, we’re excited for a significant expansion in downtown Urbana to grow our engineering, assembly, and warehouse operations.

Serionix wants to empower their customers to create clean, safe, and welcoming living spaces. The Colorfil filters remove odors and chemicals from air, and change color from vibrant pink to dull yellow to show when they are working and when they’re expired.

Regarding the mask, can you really work out hard in your face mask? (yes! we’ve got great feedback from skiers, sprinters, and strongman competitors alike);
Regarding the air filters, how often should you change your filter? (truth is it’s a lot more complicated than generic recommendations of “every 1, 3, or 6 months”,. Our filters generally last 1-4 months with typical use but it varies based on time of year, number of pets, etc.).

The masks are built for performance athletic use, consequently not only are they super breathable but also make it easier to project your voice than most other masks.

For most non-medical facemasks, filters are added as an afterthought. As experts in filtration we turned that around and build the mask around the filter to maximize comfort, breathability, and performance.

You can find the Seri mask online and recently partnered with Body n’ Sole and Champaign Outdoors who are carrying our masks in store. It’s a great opportunity to support two local businesses at one time by purchasing our mask at either outlet.

730 W Killarney St
Urbana, IL 61801


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