Arthur, Ill. (WCIA)

Lights, camera, magic! Trenton Gunsolley, the enigmatic actor and creator, is set to dazzle audiences with his spellbinding performance in the upcoming musical premiere of ‘Jack’s Diner’ on Oct. 22. Drawing on his lifelong fascination with the art of illusion, Trenton seamlessly weaves his musical prowess with the captivating world of magic, promising an unparalleled theatrical experience.

Having honed his magical craft for years, Trenton’s passion for creating an immersive narrative intertwines seamlessly with his musical talents, infusing the stage with a unique and enthralling energy that is bound to leave audiences spellbound.

Teaming up with the illustrious writer Wally Nason, renowned for his captivating Broadway-style musicals, Trenton brings to life the tale of Jack Voretti, a reformed con man seeking to propose to his beloved amidst the turmoil of a disappearing engagement ring. As the dramatic tale unfolds, prepare to be enchanted by the alluring melodies and the mesmerizing illusions that underscore the trials and triumphs of love and redemption.

Mark your calendars for the captivating shows every Sunday and Tuesday at 2 PM. Secure your tickets now at, and get ready to be transported into the magical world of ‘Jack’s Diner.’ Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Trenton Gunsolley’s magnetic performance that is sure to leave an indelible mark on the world of musical theater. Hurry, seats are disappearing fast!