Three Ways to Make Yourself More Accountable to Your Fitness Goals


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Maria Ludeke, Lead Trainer at Hatha Yoga and Fitness, shares her top three ways to make yourself more accountable to your fitness goals.

Hatha has both yoga and fitness classes, including barre, sculpt, hot yoga, HITT, and personal training. Every fitness level is welcome and encouraged to try a variety of classes to find the best fit for you! We currently offer both virtual and outdoor classes to keep our community strong.

Three Ways to Make Yourself More Accountable to Your Fitness Goals (that aren’t just your Apple watch):

  1. Personal Training, even if it’s just once a month, having someone to check in with about your fitness goals keeps you honest.
  2. Virtual and Outdoor Classes, help you push longer and harder. Moving together is motivating and being together is extra special now. Whether it’s virtual or 10 feet apart outdoors, we thrive as a group.
  3. Body Composition Testing, we recommend using a DEXA Scan every 3-6 months as an accurate way of seeing your progress and results! A Dexa Scan shows you the important numbers, not just how much you weight. Good news, a DEXA Scan (retail $100) is FREE with your initial consult.

Here’s a quick 60 second Low Ab Workout to do every day:

20 seconds of alternating heel taps
20 seconds of bicycle legs
20 seconds of full bicycle

We have a very holistic approach to health, encouraging clients to access Women’s Health Practice and Hada for additional services. At WHP, clients can receive a body composition test (way more valuable than just a number on the scale) for tracking their physical progress. We also have nutrition program and diet packages available. At Hada, clients can access coolsculpting (fat freezing technology) emsculpt (muscle building technology) as well as all skin care services.

We now have Starter Packs!

For $80 you get TWO, 30 minute personal training sessions. TWO group fitness classes. TWO Peloton Rides. (value: $152)

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