Three Strategies to Enjoy Exercise


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Maria Ludeke, Lead Trainer at Hatha Yoga and Fitness, is back with tips on how you can actually enjoy working out.

Hatha has both yoga and fitness classes, including barre, sculpt, hot yoga, hitt, and personal training. Every fitness level is welcome and encouraged to try a variety of classes to find the best fit for you! We also offer member discounts on our lululemon clothing and merchandise.

So many people say I HATE working out. My job is to help people love working out. It does not need to be painful, it just takes practice.

3 Strategies to Enjoy Exercise:


A body in motion, stays in motion. Right now working out may not sound so good, but over time your body will begin to crave movement. However, building a consistent workout routine is often where people fail. We tend to set high expectations for ourselves and believe that when we do go to the gym, we need to push really hard and burn off all the calories. How hard you workout does not matter. Showing up consistently will pay off.


We tend to dread our workouts because we know what to expect. If you hate your current workout plan, you’ll find ways to avoid it. Adding variety to your routine engages your mind and body as you learn new moves. Don’t know how to mix it up? Group fitness and/or personal training are good options for getting started. The more variety you add, the less likely you are to get injured, burnt out, or bored.


On some days it is still going to be very hard to get off the couch, but just a little bit of accountability can go a long way. Knowing that your gym cares about you, that we will miss you if you don’t come to class is another incentive to put forth the effort when it’s tough.

The best part of my job is that everyone leaves happier. It’s almost impossible to regret a workout. Yes it’s hard to get out of your warm bed, it’s hard to put on your gym shoes after a long day, but just show up and we will take care of you from there.

We have a very holistic approach to health, encouraging clients to access Women’s Health Practice and Hada for additional services. At WHP, clients can receive a body composition test (way more valuable than just a number on the scale) for tracking their physical progress. We also have nutrition program and diet packages available. At Hada, clients can access coolsculpting (fat freezing technology) as well as all skin care services.

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