Decatur, Ill. (WCIA)

What is Think it on a Shirt?
We are a graphic t shirt company that is in Decatur IL. We specialized in personalizing t shirts & swag, whether is vinyl or screen printing. The idea is that if you can think it you can wear it.

Starting up your business during the pandemic?
I felt that it was time to turn something I love to do into a business, and I know it was risky starting up a business during the pandemic, but I had the support and guidance of Prairie Commons Business Collective. Because of their ideas and concepts that they had to offer I knew it was right for me.

As a mom of a five-year-old I am deeply passionate about advocating for kids especially when it comes to being having them being creative and expressing themselves. So, I came up with the idea to have a kid contest where parents can submit a picture of their kids drawing for a chance to have it put on a T-Shirt.

The contest is on our Facebook page Think it on a Shirt and will end on March 14th We will randomly select the winners so its not going to be judge based on the best drawings. Winners will be announced on March 15th.

Parents head over to the original Facebook post of the contest, upload and submit the drawings in the comment section. It will be one submission per child.

Think it on a Shirt

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