Champaign, Ill (WCIA)

Anna with The Little Farm at Weldon Springs raises chickens, ducks, and geese and provides excellent care to them.

Here’s more from Anna:

We grow a wide variety of vegetable crops in a very small space (2500 sq. ft.), which we are transitioning to a deep-mulch no-till system for the coming season.

As a small-scale producer of vegetables, many of our practices work on the scale of a home vegetable garden. We are transitioning our garden to a no-till deep mulch system, using untreated grass clippings to provide nutrients and organic material to the soil. We are both culinary-minded, so we frequently receive questions about how to cook with and eat the foods we grow.

August 7th – A Sunday at The Little Farm – a Bring Your Own Picnic day with on-farm activities.
October 15th – fall festival

The Little Farm at Weldon Springs
4087 Weldon Springs Road
Clinton, IL 61727