Mattoon, Ill. (WCIA)

As business owners and operators and residents of the great city of Mattoon, we are faced with one of the most important decisions about the future of our community that we will ever be asked to make with the pending decision of the proposed Mattoon Sports Complex.

The concept for an economic development plan based around the idea of a Mattoon Sports Complex was conceived by Rural King employees in 2019. Encouraged by the potential of the project and the benefits it would offer Mattoon, Rural King engaged Sports Facilities Companies and moved forward with market opportunity reports, opinions of cost and proformas in order to determine the viability of the project before presenting the idea to the City of Mattoon.

Once the idea was presented to city officials in mid-2021 and to the public in October 2021, a committee was formed to determine financial modeling, structure, design, fundraising, and planning. On July 5, 2022, the committee, headed by Blake Pierce, Director of Finance for Rural King and Chairman of the Mattoon in Motion Sports Complex Plus Committee, presented a plan to create a Mattoon Sports Complex to the Mattoon City Council and on July 19, the committee presented the plan to residents of Mattoon in a public meeting.

If you were unable to attend either meeting, we urge you to read the presentation, it can be found on our website, the City of Mattoon website, or we can email the presentation to you. (Both websites are listed below.) We also urge you to talk to other business people and residents, and talk to your elected officials. Ask the questions you need to ask to have a full understanding of the plan for the Mattoon Sports Complex, how the Complex will be funded, and what the Complex will mean in terms of potential revenue and opportunity for our city.

We feel we are looking at the greatest opportunity for economic development, growth, and prosperity that Mattoon has seen in decades if the Mattoon Sports Complex comes to fruition. The Mattoon Sports Complex will be a game-changer for the City of Mattoon and for us.

The Mattoon City Council will be asked to make a decision as to whether this project can move forward at an August council meeting, so we encourage you to learn about this project and ask your questions now.

Please feel free to contact us at the Chamber of Commerce with questions. You can reach us at 217-235-5661.

Mattoon Chamber of Commerce
120 Arborgate Drive