SIDNEY, Ill. (WCIA) – Good grief! It’s a phrase made famous by the one and only Charles Brown, better known as Charlie Brown, or to Peppermint Patty, Chuck.

It’s an iconic, classic comic and most people have a story that sparks when you talk about the peanuts characters, like Richard Shiley.

“Grandpa made a deer and then he helped make a Charlie and it just grew from there,” he recalled.

Because back down a gravel road on the outskirts of Sidney sits his house. And if you follow the signs and the flags, well, you’re sure to find a treat.

“Peppermint Patty and Marcy and Frida and there’s another one that I like it’s Tapioca Pudding. How’s that for a name?” he said.

Replicas of the famous cartoon characters. Cut out and painted onto wood all by the hands of this man.

“Right now I’m 92 years old and I’m not allowed to use the saw anymore. So, I draw the picture and my nephew comes over and saws them out for me,” he said. “It’s kind of a miracle that I have them the way I have them.”

He started the project back in the ’60s. When Charles Schulz’s cartoons became popular Richard said once he started he just couldn’t stop drawing.

“I have five books and they’re this big, the people, and so you have to draw them out bigger so there’s a lot of Schulz there, but there’s a lot of Shiley there because there’s no color in the little ones and you just imagine and put color in,” he said.

But after decades of work and finishing more than half of the characters he stopped.

“I quit. I stopped making them because I got to the end of the road,” he said.

Until he started physical therapy and his therapist encouraged him to keep going and bring his favorite characters back to life.

“The snoopy’s are my favorite and Charlie. They’re all kind of favorites,” he said.

But it’s not just for him and his wife to admire. He wants you to come to see his handy work too.

“They can come and Dorothy gives them a little glass of Pepsi, maybe a cookie. They can sit here and learn about them, learn their names, and what they do,” he said.

While Dorothy gives you snacks, Richard, well he fills your time with stories.

“The guy with the yellow hat, the yellow stripes on his hat? Well, it was at Christmas and they’re all singing Hark the Harold Angels sing when they’re all done this guy comes in and they say well who are you? Harold Angel. So, that’s who that is.” he said. “There’s a lot of little stories like that”

He’s still working on making more characters. He was in the middle of making all eight of the little Woodstock babies when I met him.

If you want to see his peanuts gallery they recommend showing up on a Saturday between 3 and 5 p.m. The gallery is located on County Road 2300 E in Sidney. There’s a big sign in the front yard that tells you you’re in the right place.

They said anyone is welcome anytime, but they can’t guarantee they’ll be home. They said they try to always be home on Saturday at that time.