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Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Lee Chassy, Regional Manager and Account Executive with SpotOn Transact LLC, shares how online ordering allows employees to spend less time on the phone and more time on more useful functions in the restaurant.

Here’s more from SpotOn:
Lots of technology is available for local customers and small businesses that allows them to do business in a contactless/Covid friendly manner. In fact, many methods allow consumers to do business in an easier and more efficient way while at the same time can reduce costs and increase efficiency for small businesses. The “new normal” doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Many good things are possible.

People often ask if contactless is necessary or possible. “Necessary” seems to be a very individual choice. However, contactless and safe is possible, especially as it pertains to doing business with restaurants to do business in better ways. Online ordering is far more efficient and easy for the customers as orders can go directly to the restaurant’s kitchen as opposed to calling in and waiting on hold. At the same time, online ordering allows employees to spend less time on the phone and more time on more useful functions in the restaurant. In addition, OLO directly from the restaurant will likely save both the customers and the restaurant both time and money (reduced costs by not using 3rd party online ordering services like Grubhub and UberEats). SpotOn delivers lots of very relevant technology that keep local customers and businesses engaged. SpotOn just bought a company called SeatNinja that allows customers to make reservations online and receive “real-time” text communications regarding seating times so no crowding around entrances of restaurants.

We are the only merchant services company that actively brings value to both merchants and local customers. There are companies that do some of what we do but not one does all the things we do. In addition, our focus on transparent business practices and providing technology to allow local businesses to be competitive with big national companies is very different. Best of all, SpotOn provides a local representative, me, to help leverage technology for the benefit of local customers and local businesses. Merchant services has not been an industry that brought value to anyone other than themselves. SpotOn says “your business is our business” because we are invested in improving customer experience and helping small to medium sized businesses increase revenue at the same time.

We are offering several products and services such as our digital marketing platform with online review management for free for 2 months and others like OLO and Dine-Ordering with FREE setup and no charge until Jan 2021 to allow local businesses to see how these incredible technologies can benefit their customers and their businesses.

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Seymour, IL 61875

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