Sock Ball with Unofficial ciLiving PE teachers, John & Wade


Potomac, Ill. (WCIA)

Unofficial ciLiving PE Teachers, John Lubinski and Wade Rogers, join Heather to play a fun game of sock ball!

My whole thing is how can I get the kids up and moving, get the families involved and still make it fun.

We have lots of games and activities… this one is a fun little competition!

Equipment needed:
1 shoe/person
1 sock ball/person
1 bucket


  • Competitors stand from designated hitting line (for our ciGame well stand about 5 feet away)
  • On “Go,” competitors have 1 minute to hit the sock ball into the bin as many times as possible (we will play for 30 seconds)
  • if you make it you get 1 point. If you miss, retrieve the sock ball, head back to the hitting line and try again.
  • underhand strikes only


  • bigger or smaller bin
  • Move line closer or further away
  • opposite hand striking

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