Simple ways to manage your stress with Steadfast Center


Steadfast Center is a counseling practice in Champaign with five full-time trauma therapists. They are one of only a few places in Central Illinois that specialize in working with adult survivors of relational trauma. This includes childhood and adult experiences of abuse, abandonment, neglect, bullying, and other forms of victimization. These experiences often leave people feeling fearful, confused, grief-stricken, and ashamed.

People need to know that connection (in a safe way) is actually more important now than ever. Just as people can be hurt in relationships, healthy relationships and connectedness have the ability to heal trauma, to help people feel safer, and to regulate emotions so that we are better able to protect ourselves and problem-solve in times of crisis.

At one end, we can experience extreme anxiety, panic, or terror, with both physical and emotional impacts. On the other end, we could go into depression, chronic fatigue, or dissociation, where we simply “disconnect” from engagement in our lives.

Healthy connection with others, breathing and mindfulness, staying rooted in the present, and engaging the five senses are just some of the ways that we can stayed grounded and within our window of tolerance during times of distress.

For more information, or to make an appointment, contact Steadfast Center below:

Steadfast Center
(217) 778-4134
Steadfast Center
701 Devonshire Dr Suite B1
Champaign, IL 61820

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