Arcola, Ill. (WCIA)

Best Western Plus Green Mill Village Hotel and Suites Convention Center in Amazing Arcola, Illinois could provide the perfect spot for your upcoming nuptials.

Be Comfortable
Most wedding shows are large events with many vendors. You will be walking and standing most of the day.

Grab a Friend

Bring your partner, bridesmaids, friend or mother with you to help keep you from making rash decisions. Bringing someone with you will also help you have someone to bounce ideas off of as well. In case you forget to makes notes about something you liked at the show, maybe anyone you brought with you may help you remember.

Bring a Planner/Notebook/Take Pictures
Regardless of whether you just got engaged the day before or if your wedding is a few weeks away, you need to be prepared to write down important information. Take notes in your cell phone or take pictures of things you see or like about different vendors and what they have to offer. A lot of vendors will have their calendars on hand and can schedule appointments on the spot. Make sure you have your planner/phone calendar so you can add any appointments as you speak to vendors.

Bring Address Labels
The most valuable information to a vendor is your contact information. Vendors often have special drawings, raffles or giveaways in return for singing up on their contact lists. Instead of writing this information down at every vendor table, print address labels with your Name, Mailing Address, Email, Phone Number, Wedding Date. This will make it easy to sign up without putting a cramp in your hand. Check the Bridal Show website a few days prior to the show to see how many vendors are registered to know how many labels to print OR if they are doing online registration and you won’t need the labels at all.

Do your Research
Depending on the amount of vendors, you may not be able to make it to every vendor table. To make the best of your day, check the Bridal Show website for the list of vendors. Research their companies to see what they provide. Feel obligated to stop by a booth if you have already secured that vendor.