Springfield, Ill. (WCIA)

Getting your financial house in order is always a top New Years resolution so we are offering complimentary consultations with a Certified Financial Planner. Just like physical fitness, fiscal fitness involves setting goals, creating a plan, and then working with a personal trainer to implement and monitor the plan to create lasting change.

Marine Bank is currently promoting Financial Fitness for 2022. Our goal is to promote financial education and awareness in the community for current and future generations.

Wealth Management & Trust Services
These include…
Investments / Financial Planning / Insurance Services / Estate Planning / Trust Administration / Retirement Plans / Charitable Gifting / Employer Plans / Tax Strategies / Family Legacy Plans

Retirement plan and investment questions – HOW much do I need? WHEN can I retire? WHAT should I invest in?…..Legacy Questions – How can I pass assets or my business on in the most efficient manner?

We operate like a financial GPS. Client tell us where they want get financially and their individual preferences. We then plot the most efficient path, monitor their progress, and provide additional direction when unexpected events change their course or personal goals.

The structure of our department is unique from other investment firms and most banks because our wealth management and trust services are centralized and all services originate from the same department.

Most firms and banks are compartmentalized or only offer partial services so they require additional steps to coordinate and implement a comprehensive plan for clients. The synergy of having all within the same department creates a seamless and efficient client experience. This offers clients the convenience they often seek with large financial institutions along with the personalized boutique level of service found within a community bank.