“Quick Badge Technology” offered at Edelman INC


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Edelman INC joins us with details on how the technology within the automation industry/AG industry is changing.

Most people don’t know what solutions are available, cost of a system, and often think they can’t afford an automation system. People always like to hear about saving time, money, and being in control of their farm. We don’t sell our products; they sell themselves when people learn about them. The main purpose of automation is to save time, cost, and operate safer.

With our system:
You will be able to unload your grain faster during harvest, collect more data, and it’ll be easier than your current process. That’s our main selling point, and I’d love to tell you more, but it’s our secret sauce.

Our automation systems often pay for themselves within 5-7yrs from labor cost, conserving electricity, preventing spoilage, and more accurate reports to improve yield, inventory management, and billing.

We bring huge value to the grain storage market big and small, but we also have solutions for fertilizer, horticulture, and we provide custom manual control panels.

Our new “Quick Badge Technology” is something we designed and will be patent pending before the air date. “Quick Badge Technology” makes our automation system easier to use, faster, safer, and it can collect a fair amount of data.

Most automation systems are very hard to learn and require a fair amount of training. Once set up, our system can have anybody with little or no training use our “Quick Badge Technology.”

$100 gift card for all customers that purchase a system over $5,000 within 30 days from 11/25/2020.

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