Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

First time shoppers to Heel to Toe in Urbana are always amazed at how large our store is and how great it looks. Folks are often surprised that you can get to Urbana from Champaign with no entry gates or warning signs saying you have just passed thru the Birkenstock Curtain.

The questions are varied. But the answers always seem to follow the same. The size you never thought would fit you usually does. Your foot problem was really a footwear problem. Soft, under constructed shoes generally cause more problems than they solve. The biggest problem we solve is making hurting feet comfortable.

There aren’t any shoe stores functioning at the level we do. We can get a script from your podiatrist build you an orthotic to put in it and fit it and you in a shoe that accommodates it. We can repair the shoes you wear every day and sell you ones for the special occasion you’ve been invited to.

We do have some promotions going on right now.
20% of all our great sock lines. Buy a $100 gift certificate and get a free pair of socks up to $20.