Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Jessie Porter, owner of PureJes Wellness -Handmade Crystal and Resin Creations joins us to share how so many people including celebrities are using crystals as a form of energy healing and decor.

No stranger to working from home, Work-at-home mom who has been running an in-home business for over a decade. To keep things interesting, she started a new project after the pandemic .
Her children Charlie and Jimi are 3 and almost 2, and are in school a couple of hours a day, giving her a little time to do something for herself. She opened an etsy shop called Pure Jes Energy about a month ago and joined the Prairie Commons Business Collective to help with exposure and marketing on social media. Crafting and creating has always been a passion of hers, and she’s been able to channel that into a business.

How did you get into this? How do you and other people use crystals and orgonite in every day life?

  • jewelry, home decor, healing, meditation
  • birthstones
  • common crystals like amethyst and rose quartz,
  • Rose quartz works with your heart chakra and is commonly used to attract love, so it would be good in your bedroom or even your living room, not just romantic love. Amethyst and Tiger Eye are stones known to amplify your creativity, so they’re can help with any artistic projects. Green aventurine, pyrite, goldstone – all known for prosperity, so you’d want to keep them in your workspace.

What is orgonite?

  • Resin, metal shavings, and crystals, arranged using sacred geometry and a specific ratio to harness all of the energy of the elements and amplify it into something you can sense.

How do you know what crystal is right for you?

  • Google, apps, etc.
  • what you’re drawn to, just like picking out a piece of art for the accent wall in your living room – you’ll know it when you see it
  • hold them.

Tell me about the pieces you brought today:

  • Whatever pyramid I pick up
  • Each piece is custom, and takes several session to make, so some of them take a week to put together.
  • all crystals are hand selected and intentionally placed.

Here’s where you can get them:
There are pieces listed and Jessie can make custom pieces specific to your needs and aesthetics.