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Chris Burdette with Probiotic Air Solutions, shares more on how they are an all-natural purifier for air and surfaces giving people a new way to keep their environment free of allergens, bad bacteria, and organic odors.

Here’s more from Probiotic Air Solutions:

We have the world’s first air and surface purifier. One of the best things about our system is it uses all natural Probiotics to clean up your environment. You see everyone is spending so much time, money and energy to try and do extra these days. The fact of the matter is that while they are doing good short term, they are actually creating a better environment for bad bacteria and viruses to survive.

That is where we come in. Unlike fogging, sprays, or wipes; our probiotics work to clean 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You see when you fog, spray, or wipe a surface you kill everything for a short period of time. We are talking minutes. That clean surface is back dirty the minute your ac kicks on or someone walks by. Probiotics create a healthy microbiome that continues to clean surfaces for days after applied.

When you install one of our systems you can have the piece of mind to know your door knobs, your carpet, your keyboards, your phones, arm rests, microwave handle, faucet handle, you name it. We clean your everything which in turn cleans the air. Not only do we protect against bad bacteria we also eliminate 99% of pollen, pet dander, and dust mite feces.

Another major benefit to our system is we drastically reduce biological odors. Sweat, gas, dirty socks, you name it we can help.

Purifiers focus on one area:

  • The air in open rooms.
  • The air passing through them.
  • Wiping down a surface.
  • Probiotic Air achieves all of those with one set and forgets it solution.


We have a restore CU campaign going on to give 20% off an install that is completed by Aug 15th.

Probiotic Air Solutions

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