Ping Pong Derby with John Lubinski


Potomac, Ill. (WCIA)

ciLiving’s official PE teacher, John Lubinski, is back to get us moving!

Puddle Jumper

6 cups per person filled with water
3 ping pong balls per person

Set the row of cups up in pairs and put ball in cup closest to player

By only blowing, each player must move their ping pong balls from the first glass to the 2nd glass

Game: Ping Pong Derby

Equipment Needed:
table, 5 plastic cups, 5 ping pong balls per player (different colors for each if possible)


Tape the cups to the far edge of the table so the lip of the cup is even with the table top

Players stand on opposite side of the table

On “GO” players try to roll their ping pong balls into the each of the cups (5 cups, 5 balls,
1 ball in each)

Winner is the one to get all their ping pong balls in cup first

Gibson Area Hospital made a very generous donation to the 5K I’m doing with my kids Friday. I was able to purchase custom medals and race bags.

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