Savoy, Ill. (WCIA)

Central Illinois Mutual Insurance Company marketing manager, Rod Peavler, joins us for Our Town Savoy.

Insurance is not very sexy or interesting to most people. It is not something you can enjoy. You can’t eat it or drink it. You can’t go visit it nor make beautiful memories. It is considered a necessary evil. When you need it, is when something bad happens. But, when that happens, you can appreciate what insurance does for you.

I believe that the insurance industry has not done a very good job of education the public about what insurance is supposed to do. We have made it a commodity and is being marketed based on price instead of how it can create the protection of your assets and peace of mind.

Also, we should treat it like going to the doctor or dentist. Discuss any changes in your assets.

CIMCO has independent agents in more than 100 towns in Illinois. Most are in smaller communities and we understand the people and their needs in those communities. We believe in person to person contact. We are your friends and neighbors.

CIMICO has been providing property coverage for Illinois home owners and farm owners for over 130 years.

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