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Paris, Ill. (WCIA)

Kristin Chittick, Fine Arts Manager, at The Paris Center of Fine Arts, shares how they bring live artists to town to entertain people in Paris.

Here’s more from Kristin:

The Paris Center of Fine Arts is a nonprofit organization. We support the performing arts and we support patrons of the arts. Many venues and their staff have provided mentor-ship to me as we move to also encourage people to frequent their theaters. Our differences might be that our proscenium stage is only five years old and we can seat just 500 patrons. Our generous sponsors allow us to keep ticket prices lower without sacrificing high calibre entertainment.
Since we are based on the high school campus, this facility also serves all school drama and music productions as well as the Paris Community Theater. When the PCOFA purchases stage paint or sound or light equipment or tunes the 7.5 ft Yamaha piano; that also serves all who step on that stage as our donation back to the community.

My job is to bring music and people together-all ages, all walks, all genres. So the Paris Center of Fine Arts brings live entertainment to a state-of-the-art theater for our patrons to experience. Combining music and people -it’s great! It’s needed and it’s culturally beneficial.

We also benefit the local economy with restaurants for both artists and patrons, hotel rooms for overnight stays, teaching sound and light technology to students, plus providing volunteer opportunities with ushers, loading equipment, and highlighting corporate and individual donors.

My board and I give artists literally from around the world the opportunity to perform their artistry, their expertise, their livelihood. We always provide a warm audience in Paris. Our community has a gem with this beautiful venue and our mission is to celebrate the arts and provide diverse experiences.

Frequent questions include can I bring in artists that they see on TV? We have had America’s Got Talent finalists and Grammy award winners. The Paris Center of Fine Arts is uniquely situated between bigger cities such as Indianapolis and St. Louis and Chicago, so we can route artists who are touring and would like to fill their tour dates. We also encourage community input on artists that they’ve seen. We welcome suggestions. We also are members of Arts Midwest and attend their regional conferences to meet agents and see artists in person.

Season tickets for the eight professional shows are available now at a 25% discount. That’s just $18.75 per ticket for shows hailing from Nashville, Branson and even Carnegie Hall!
Every entertainer who has entered our theater has said “Wow!” Without fail. The Paris Center of Fine Arts is that beautiful.

Paris Center of Fine Arts
14040 E 1200TH RD
Paris, IL 61944

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