Meet Our Town Hoopeston Grillmaster Bill Lind and Illinois Pork Producers


Hoopeston, Ill (WCIA).

When he’s not cooking for us, he treats his family to some fantastic meals! Meet Our Town Hoopeston’s Grillmaster, Bill Lind:

When I was a kid growing up I liked to help my mom and everybody in the kitchen. I always enjoyed it. It was fun.

I grew up in a little town in Indiana called Lockport. Between my uncle’s farm and my house is where I always used to be. I helped him cook a lot of hogs when we were growing up and we raised them.

I moved [to Hoopeston] 22 to 23 years ago and I was working at the country club here in town. That’s what brought me over here. I was working in the kitchen as their head cook. To work in a restaurant full time cooking somebody elses recipes… I could not do that. [It] Was not my cup of tea. If I had my own place or was able to do my own recipes I would consider doing it again. I like trying new things. I’ve eaten everything from rattlesnake, alligator, to… deer, squirrel, things like that.

8-10 years ago I did a couple of cookoffs, local ones. I really worked on my barbeque a lot. My pork butt is kind of like Memphis style pork butt, my ribs are more like a St. Louis style ribs and my brisket is 100% Texas. So I cook what I like.

When I know everything’s coming together at the same time it’s like BOOM! Let’s do it. You know that’s when I get all worked up and throw in the food and toss it around and have fun with it.

I probably cook 80-90% of the meals [in my family]. At least dinners I should say. [My wife and I] both work full time and so the kids are old enough now where they can fend for themselves a little bit during the day. You know my kids were both born and raised here. I’ve got a beautiful daughter who is 13 and my son who is 15 and he’s gonna give me plenty of sleepless nights when he gets his license. But I’ll come home from work, get cleaned up, cook dinner. We’ll sit down on Sunday, plan our meal out so we’ll actually have something different. So it’s not the same thing every night, every week, you know? We don’t have Wednesday night pork chops or taco Tuesday…it’s something different.

The kitchen is my happy place. Grill, kitchen, it doesn’t matter. Food…I love it.

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