Mattoon, Ill. (WCIA)

At the Chamber of Commerce we are asked many questions related to local businesses that lead to very interesting information. Recently a member asked us about The Burger King celebrating their 70th year in business and wanted to know if they were the oldest existing business here in Mattoon. The member was very surprised to find out that 70 years did not even rank them in the top 20.

As it turns out there are nearly two dozen businesses in Mattoon who are even older than The Burger King and still in existence. First Mid Bank and Trust has been in business locally in one form or another since 1865, making it the oldest local business still operating. The original name of First Mid was the National Bank of Mattoon and it has gone through a number of name changes throughout the years. Most recently they changed from First Mid Illinois Bank and Trust and dropped Illinois since they now operated in multiple states. There are three other businesses who are still in existence since the 1800’s including Craig & Craig Law Firm; Consolidated Communications and Odd Fellow Rebekah Home.

House Brothers Tavern in 1908 and deBuhr’s Feed and Seed in 1914 deBuhr’s Feed are the oldest businesses in Mattoon that are still owned and operated by the original family members. Most recently Kelsa Bartels (House) took over ownership of House Brothers from her father Bill who is retiring. Both House Brothers and deBuhr’s are still operating out of their original locations on Western Avenue.

The Mattoon Chamber of Commerce was originally called the Mattoon Association of Commerce and was incorporated in 1905. It has moved locations multiple times throughout the years most recently in the Burgess Center, Peterson House and for the past seven years in our current location at 1518 Broadway Avenue.

Based on our research we have determined there are at over 30 businesses that are still in business that have been located in Mattoon for over 50 years.

Company Name Year

First-Mid Bank & Trust 1865
Craig and Craig, LLC 1868
Consolidated Communications 1894
Odd Fellow Rebekah Home 1898
Mattoon Public Library 1903

Schilling Funeral Home 1903
Mattoon Chamber 1905
House Brothers Tavern 1908
YMCA 1912
Ameren CIPS 1912
deBuhr’s Feed & Seed 1914
Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home 1934
Ronchetti’s Distributing 1935
Coles-Moultrie Electric Co-Op 1938
Journal-Gazette 1939
Kull Lumber 1943
Gardner-Whitworth 1946
Lorenz Supply 1946
Shores Jewelry 1948
Anamet/Anaconda 1950
Howell Paving 1951
The Burger King 1952
Willaredt Companies 1952
Mark’s My Store 1955
Rural King 1960
Doering, Winders & Co. 1960
Douglas-Hart Nature Center 1960
Coles County Airport 1963
KC Summers 1964
LifeLinks 1965
Little Mexico 1966
Lake Land College 1966
West & Company, LLC 1968
Parrish Carpet Sales, Inc. 1971

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