I am a frequent user of Mason Jars in my kitchen. I use them for as many things as I can, as they are extremely versatile and even make things look fun and tasty.

When I was student teaching in Orion, IL back in the Spring of 2015, I wanted to make sure food was a high priority and I was eating as well as I could. One way I did that was by packing Mason Jar salads on Sunday Night’s for the week ahead so I’d have salad for lunch at school every day as a part of my meal. The great thing about this is you can utilize Mason Jars for meal prep with salads and even so much more. And, they lasted all week long for me, staying fresh and crispy.

In order to make a Mason Jar salad, think of the salad as upside down so when you pour it out, it comes out nicely stacked like this;

That salad was packed in a Mason Jar, and I decided to add a little chicken on top. It looks delicious, doesn’t it?!?

There’s a few tips to making your Mason Jar salads. Here’s how I layer mine to keep them fresh as possible.

LAYERING: You’ll layer your salads with the dressing at the bottom and the greens on top. Here’s how I layer mine;

Layer #1 (Bottom of Jar): Place your dressing at the bottom of the Mason Jar. This keeps your ingredients from getting soggy since it stays at the bottom. Or, you can forego this and add dressing at work/on the go.

Layer #2: Put crunchy vegetables that can get soggy with the dressing and be okay. Think tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, onion, celery, etc. This is to help protect the layer of veggies above it from getting soggy, separating the dressing from the other stuff.

Layer #3: Here’s for ingredients that shouldn’t get wet, but if they do it’s okay. Things like mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, peas and corn work great here.

Layer #4: You can add eggs, cheese and more here.

Layer #5 (Top of Jar): Top your jar off with your favorite greens and seal it off with a lid.


1. Hold off on putting croutons or nuts into your jar. Save those for the side. They can get soggy and not as crisp in a fridge or in jar.
2. Use a paper towel at the top of your jar stuffed in with the greens to help keep things fresh.
3. Use this for meal prepping for the week ahead. Jars can last 4-5 days if kept correctly.
4. Want to use fruit? Make sure it is dry and place it with layer 4!