Local PE teachers create fun, active games for the entire family


Though quarantine restrictions are starting to ease a bit, it can still be difficult to find fun activities to keep the family moving and healthy. John Lubinski and Wade Rogers are physical education teachers here in your community, and they have come up with several unique ideas to help get kids off the couch.

Things you can do AS A FAMILY to stay active:
– If you live near the Kickapoo Rail Trail, go for a family walk or bike ride- go on a scavenger hunt. make a list of 10 or more things you might find outside and then go try to check off the whole list- you can even plant flowers or do some yard work together. Give the kids ownership in what’s happening around the house.

Reminders for hydration and food:
Find healthy snack options for when the kids get hungry and need a break, don’t forget to stay hydrated, and when it’s hot and sunny, make sure you keep up with sunscreen.

Family friendly games you can play, that are fun…and disguised as exercise:

“Heads or Tails”

Equipment needed: 1 coin


  • One person is flipper, others are pickers
  • Players decide on an exercise to perform at beginning of round: jumping jacks, squats, run lap around block
  • Pickers put hands on head to choose heads or on behind to choose tails
  • Flipper flips coin and LET’S IT LAND ON GROUND
  • Whoever chose correctly (heads/tails) is safe, whoever chose incorrectly must exercise
  • Different flipper each flip
  • Round continues until everyone has been flipper
  • Choose different exercise for each round

“UNO Exercise”

Equipment needed: Deck of UNO cards

  • Each color is assigned a different exercise (ex. RED: Jumping jacks, BLUE: Squats, GREEN: Sit-ups, YELLOW: Push ups).. Or whichever exercises you choose
  • Number on card is the amount of repetitions you do for that exercise (Zero card counts as 10)
  • Person picking card is exempt from exercise (unless Reverse is picked)
  • All WILD cards: person who picked cards decides on the exercise and number of reps
  • SKIP card: no exercise for anyone for that pick
  • REVERSE: Person who picked card does the exercise, other players decide on the reps he/she must do
  • DRAW 2: Pick the next 2 cards, players (not picker) do all exercises for those cards

“Family Flippy Cups”

We’re taking a college drinking game and turning it into a fun family activity that gets you moving.

Equipment Needed:

5 plastic cups per player (ex. red Solo cups)

1 table (more if needed)

Set up:

Players stand at the edge of the table until GO

Cups are stacked about 10 feet behind player


  • On the word “GO,” each player will run to his/her stack of cups, pick up ONE CUP and run back to table
  • Player puts cup on table, with the bottom of the cup touching the table and just a little bit hanging over the edge
  • Use fingers to try and flip cup over so it lands upside down
  • If it does not land (and stay) upside down, keep trying to flip it until you get it
  • Once you are successful in getting cup flipped, run back  and get another cup
  • Game continues until one player has flipped all his/her cups successfully

TIM says go – and we play


  • Relay race: divide into teams, alternate players (make sure you have enough cups for everyone to have an equal  number of turns)
  • Other exercises: Have cups already laid out on table, must do set number of squats, jumping jacks, burpees etc. before attempting to flip cup
  • Make it harder: start with cup upside down and try to get it to land right side up

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