Oakwood, Ill. (WCIA)

Joe Oettel with Lighthouse Financial and Jane Huchel with Informed Decisions team up to help families when it comes to making long term care decisions for their loved ones.

Jane is expert in working alongside families to make the choice of setting (home care, assisted living, or nursing home) based on Physicians medical advice, and which facilities may be the best option for the client and their family. Jane knows the questions that families need to ask and her knowledge and experience working with nursing homes all over central Illinois is a valuable resource.

Joe has been helping families for 30 years to protect families from going broke in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Lighthouse works as an advocate for the client and their family to maximize and optimize the benefits client is entitled to, and handling the extremely complex paperwork for the rest of the client’s life. Let the facility do what they do best and that is to provide client great caregiving. Lighthouse is do what we do best, and that is to work in the best financial interests of the client and protect their home, farm, bank accounts and financial assets.

Informed Decisions works alongside of families as they make the important decisions regarding long term care (“LTC”) planning for a loved one, whether that be in home, an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Specifically, Jane consults and coordinates the admission process and finding the right setting, and/or facility that will work best for the loved one needing long term care.

Lighthouse Financial works alongside families regarding the financial expenses of long term care, to help families from going broke from the devastating costs of nursing home or assisted living. Our expertise for 30 years is to protect the family assets, including home, farm, bank accounts, investments, and a lifetime of work, from being wiped out due to an expensive long term care stay.

Lighthouse Financial:

  1. Goal is to protect as much of the family assets as possible, including family home, farm, bank accounts, life insurance, and other financial assets.
  2. Work with the family for the rest of client’s life to process all the financial asset and income matters.
  3. Maximize and optimize the government assistance programs the family is entitled to, including Veteran’s benefits and the various Medicaid programs families have paid into and are entitled to receive to pay their nursing home or assisted living bills.
  4. To work as a team with the nursing home or assisted living so the facility can do its part which is to provide the best caregiving for the client, while we work as an advocate to represent the best interest of all financial matters for the client and their family.
  5. Keep the family from going broke in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Jane’s many years experience in working with facilities brings to clients a comforting leader to discuss the very important, and often for the first time, matters of a loved one needing long term care admission.

This is Lighthouse Financial’s 30th year of helping families protect their assets from the devastating costs of nursing home and assisted living care.

Jane Huchel, R.N., Owner
Informed Decisions
Oakwood, Illinois