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Matt Thomas, President and Founder of L M Thomas Group, shares how they help businesses find ways to be more organized and in turn being more successful.

Here’s more from L M Thomas Group:

People often wonder why some businesses succeed and are sustainable – with good reputations in the community – and why others fail. We are experts at looking at the group and organizational dynamics of any given group of people who is trying to get things done together – and finding ways to make that go better.

People tell me they are fascinated by the perspective we offer in otherwise frustrating and conflicted situations. What we do is different every day – and so we have lots of interesting stories to tell about projects that went well – and ones that didn’t.

We help organizational leaders – primarily the leaders of small-to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and churches (although size doesn’t really matter to us) – resolve the organizational frustrations that are completely driving them crazy and often have no clear technical resolution.

We help leaders all the time who are dealing with five frustrations: 1) they’re putting out fires all the time, and that’s stealing their energy and taking them off mission. 2) Their information isn’t working for them: too much, too little, not organized well, or available and the interpretations are unclear. 3) Their processes aren’t working as they should – balls get dropped, communication breakdowns cause lost business and hurt feelings, and they are working harder than they need to on things that shouldn’t be so time consuming. 4) They are frustrated by the complexity of what they are dealing with, and getting overwhelmed, so they either freeze up, or they close their eyes and swing wildly, like kids at a pinata party. 5) They (whether as individuals or a team) are frustrated because they feel isolated and don’t know where to go for solid outside help or perspective.

We solve the business problems related to those frustrations. We help people get connected to the right help, dismantle the complexity enough to take it one step at a time, get processes refined and efficient, organize and interpret information, and uncover the drivers of crisis-to-crisis management so they can get resolved.

To be honest, there are not a lot of folks working in this space doing what we do. That said, we help a segment of people for which trying to do it on their own isn’t working the way they want it to, and at the same time the technical solutions offered by most consulting firms haven’t solved (or perhaps even exacerbated) the challenges situated in habits and mindsets.

Our focus is on getting the process right so the right people can make the right decisions toward the right goals for the right reasons. And that’s an approach a lot of people don’t emphasize as much as we do.

Right now, we are offering a COVID-19 discount, for the duration of the “stay at home” order of 10% off for anyone who mentions that they have seen us on CI Living.

This is in addition to always offering a free initial consultation.

2920 Valley Brook Drive
Champaign, IL 61822

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