Monticello, Ill. (WCIA)

KLEEN Movement focuses on tumbling, parkour, circus, warrior (ninja) classes, intro to cheer, competitive cheer, toddler preschool, and more! We are here to provide safe, exciting and interactive classes, programs and activities for all families!

Owner, Nick Bailey, is a former Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil performer who brings so much experience, talent and passion to our business! His wife, Ella Bailey, does all the behind-the-scenes work as well as coaches.

We pride ourselves in making kiddos feel welcome, loved, and confident in our gym! We are a place for kids to get their energy out, work on fine motor skills, speed, agility, basic movements, and to enhance their skills to the next level no matter they want to achieve!

Kids love the high energy we give off as coaches and that really makes a difference! We encourage them in everything they do and we want them leaving with a huge smile on their face and excited to come back!

A little background of how we got to where we are:
We share the facility with Pregame Sports, a sports facility with a large turf area, basketball room and batting cages. Owners Chris and Sam Basak had reached out to us when we moved back from Las Vegas to see if we would be interested in having a gym within their space. Honestly, a dream come true! Though Cirque was Nick’s biggest dream of all, we needed to get back home (we are originally from Monticello) after having our daughter in Las Vegas. Long story, but I was looking for a new job, Nick was on a temporary contract with Cirque at first. I interviewed and got a job at UofI, and since we were waiting to see if Nick would get signed on again with Cirque, I went ahead and accepted the UofI position. A week after I accepted the position, Cirque offered Nick a permanent, lifetime contract – which rarely happens to people! Since this was Nick’s dream, we decided we would long distance until we had a more secure plan – with our 6 month old baby! Two weeks later, Nick returned home and here we are today! 🙂

We are different in the fact that we are not a gymnastics competitive gym. We don’t have specific “levels” of tumbling. We coach based on skill. If a kiddo is ready to learn a back handspring and they are only 6 years old, they will learn to do that back handspring! We don’t hold any kids back when it comes to what we think and know they can handle! We are very energetic, fun and bubbly people, as well as our coaches. We want kids to know they can come to the gym to learn in a fun and positive environment. We work hard but we focus more on what each kiddo specifically needs! 🙂 We study them like a book and cater to them individually!

We are always accepting kids to join our programs! We do classes on a month-to-month basis, so no need to commit or pay for 8 weeks or 12 weeks. We keep kiddos enrolled until parents tell us otherwise! 🙂

The classes that we offer are tumbling, warrior (ninja), parkour, tumble tots (preschool tumbling with free play, crafts, snacks) intro to cheerleading, competitive cheer, intro to trampoline, after school open gyms on Fridays (3:30-5pm), and mommy & me open gyms for littles ages walking – 6 years old!

We LOVE hosting birthday parties as well!!

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