Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

The reason people don’t pre-plan is they don’t want to talk about it or don’t know how. Let’s talk about it.
In 2015, FAMIC did a study of adults over the age of 40 with the following results-
89% Feel a discussion about their end-of-life wishes would be meaningful
69% Would prefer to pre-arrange their own service
17% Are all that have actually made those arrangements

We help provide the best gift you can give your loved ones. We help offer surviving family members peace of mind.

What’s the cost is a frequent question. You can’t put a monetary number to the value pre-planning provides your loved ones. It saves money in the long run because costs continually go up.

We have to start having these difficult conversations with our loved ones earlier. Pre-planning should be done with a willful and stable mindset.

Pizza & Preplan- July 13, 11:30 am Papa Del’s Neil St
Peace of Mind Seminar- July 7, 11:30 am Danville Jocko’s

Ice Cream Social at Custard Cup June 30 5-8pm in partnership with Champaign Humane Society