Heroes Of A Pandemic: U of I medical student writes children’s book


Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

A University of Illinois medical student at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine is using his multitude of talents to make a difference.

Anant Naik has written a children’s book, Heroes of a Pandemic, to honor essential workers and spark a dialogue between parent and child surrounding COVID-19.

“The book has lead [children] to ask, ‘okay, why are people doing this? Why are people social distancing? Why do we need to wash our hands?’ And I think these are the questions we need to discuss with our kids,” says Naik.

Naik wrote Heroes of a Pandemic after the virus postponed his clinical clerkship duties.

“We were forced to stay at home just like everyone else,” Naik said. “Part of me wanted to go back to the hospital because you hear these incredible stories of heroism and people on the front lines really sacrificing a lot… And thats really why I wanted to do something.”

Heroes of A Pandemic began as a short poem Naik wrote one evening while reflecting on COVID-19’s impact.

“The poem was a very childish poem and I didn’t think much of it,” Naik told ciLiving Storyteller, Erin Valle. “But after I showed it to my friends they thought it could be really cool as a children’s book.”

Naik reworked the poem into a full story, adding his own illustrations. Today, Heroes of a Pandemic is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Blackwell’s, and Book Depository.  Proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders.

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