Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

In a world where kindness is needed more than ever, one organization is taking a proactive approach to infuse faith and love into local communities. Lindsey Capperrune, the driving force behind WBGL Radio’s Kindness Clubs, is making a significant impact on schools and neighborhoods across Illinois. With the mission to promote Christ-centered values, WBGL’s Kindness Clubs are transforming the educational landscape by fostering a culture of compassion and empathy.

Lindsey Capperrune, the vibrant personality behind WBGL Radio’s midday show, believes in the transformative power of kindness. Through the Kindness Clubs initiative, she and her team are equipping schools with the tools and resources to promote a culture of kindness. Their approach includes a meticulously crafted Kindness Club Kit, complete with a resource binder, chalk, candy, balloons, and thank-you notes, among other thoughtful items. This kit serves as a blueprint for schools and communities to cultivate a nurturing environment where students can thrive emotionally and academically.

The impact of WBGL’s Kindness Clubs can be seen through the inspiring actions of educators and leaders who have embraced the initiative. Teachers from Carbondale, Champaign, and Gifford, IL, have signed up to start Kindness Clubs at their schools, infusing positivity and encouragement into their students’ lives. These educators, alongside the 141 schools and 40,000 students benefiting from the program, are determined to make their educational spaces a hub of joy and love, despite the challenges they face.

As the organization celebrates 40 years of Christian radio and community service, WBGL’s dedication to spreading love continues to shine. The Kindness Clubs are not just about impacting schools; they aim to create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the classroom walls and spills into communities and families. By sharing their free Kindness Club binder resource, WBGL invites individuals and communities to join their mission and create their own Kindness Clubs, amplifying the impact of compassion and empathy.

As Lindsey Capperrune and WBGL Radio continue to champion kindness, they invite everyone to be part of the movement. Whether through participating in the Kindness Clubs, tuning in to their uplifting broadcasts, or accessing their online resources, there are numerous ways to spread love and faith in the community. For more information and to join the cause, visit and follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram.