Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Maria Ludeke, owner of Sweat Practice, is ready to help us glide into summer with these full body moves. Gliders are some of the most versatile, inexpensive, and challenging pieces of at home equipment you can use. No gliders, no problem! Wear socks on hardwood floor or use paper plates or books on carpet. The reason gliders are extra challenging is because they require more muscles to work in every movement, especially your core. Because of the instability of the sliding glider, your body must work extra hard to complete the movement (and not do the splits)! Gliders can be used in a variety of ways and work well for all fitness levels.

In a glider reverse lunge, you’ll place the ball of your foot on the glider and sink back into the lunge, return to stand by pulling up through your front heel. Try to go down and up with control, keeping your legs parallel. This can be modified by holding on to a chair for extra stability or you can make it harder by holding weights or putting your front foot on an elevated object like a yoga block.

In a glider mountain climber you’ll start on hands and knees, placing the ball of your foot on each glider. Push to a full plank position and pull one knee at a time towards your elbow. Make this harder by increasing the pace or pulling knee to opposite elbow or both knees towards your chest at once. Make this easier by dropping one knee to the floor for support.

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