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Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

Jessie Rusteberg with CU Women’s Boxing LLC joins us with details on the women’s boxing gym in central Illinois.

Here’s more from CU Women’s Boxing LLC:

We are a women’s boxing gym located in Urbana, that offers a full body workout, a supportive community, and a place to learn real boxing technique, as well as gain muscle, endurance, confidence, and skill.

I am a USA Boxing certified Coach, with past experience with competing in the sport.

People find it interesting that we are really teaching the sport (instead of offering “boxercise”, or kickboxing), and that boxing in itself is such a challenging and empowering workout. We also get a lot of interest because we are a women’s gym, and so our environment and vibe tends to have a very unique feel to it. Our boxing community is truly all-inclusive, full of many different women, of many different fitness levels.

At CUWB, we love to help people push themselves, mentally and physically.

We put a strong emphasis on good boxing form and technique, to avoid injury, and because it’s a fun sport to learn.

People should know that we are open to members of all fitness levels! It is helpful for people to know that boxing takes about 3-4 weeks to really get the hang of it. The first few weeks you feel awkward, and sore, and you’re thinking about the moves a lot, but after that initial phase, it does get easier (not easy, but easier).

People should know that we are a BOXING gym – we do not offer kickboxing. All of our classes are currently for 18 years and older, and we require that everyone takes one of our free Intro Sessions before starting classes. While boxing can increase your strength and confidence, we do not categorize our gym as “Self-defense”.

“Can you tell me if I’m doing this right?” Is probably our most frequent question from members.

Our main goal is to empower each member. We offer a full body workout that changes daily. We offer a great way to “get in shape” and “burn calories” but you are also learning real and useful boxing skills. Every day is a different workout, so you never know what you’re walking into, but you won’t get bored.

Our business offers a workout – this is not by itself a rare thing in CU. However, the community of members that has developed since we’ve opened 3 years ago, is what truly makes our gym different. Members help and support newcomers. Coaches design the workouts so each person will be challenged, without ever worrying about “falling behind” the group. There is no judgement.

We do require everyone to take one of our Free Intro Sessions before joining the gym. We post Intro Session dates on our website and facebook page on the 15th of every month, at 9 AM, so if anyone is interested in joining, they’ll want to set an alarm for the 15th!

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