Four stretches to keep your body limber with Sweat Practice’s Maria Ludeke


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Maria Ludeke, owner of Sweat Practice, shares stretches to help you prepare for doing all of those outdoor fun summer activities.

As we jump into summer activities like tennis, golf, swimming, and hiking we need to be extra careful to prevent injuries after a long year of sitting indoors. There has been a higher rate of injuries this summer among professional athletes and its correlated with the changes the pandemic has brought to our physical health. To keep injuries at bay, try adding in a combination of mobility exercises and stretches to relieve tight and sore muscles.

Do these four stretches everyday to keep your body limber:

Figure 4 Stretch, optional to add a lacrosse ball to target the tightest spots of your piriformis: A too tight piriformis can be a cause of sciatica, pinching the sciatic nerve running down the back of your leg.

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch: Your hip flexors become tighter when sitting and in combination with weak glutes this can cause low back pain

Kneeling Hamstring Stretch: Pulled hamstrings are common in sports that involve quick starts and stops like tennis.

Kneeling IT Band Stretch: When your IT band gets to tight it can create pain in your knee especially when going up and down stairs or hiking. Some professionals recommend adding the lacrosse ball or using a foam roller to further target and release pain in the IT Band.

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