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Springfield, Ill. (WCIA)

Eddie Kimble, President of EDK Defensive Consultants LLC, shares more on how he helps people learn more about the proper use and safety of firearms.

Here’s more from EDK Defensive Consultants LLC:
I am a disabled veteran who provide hands on firearms training for people at all levels of handgun experience. I help people understand situational awareness and what to do when their “spider senses” are tingling.

As a Certified Trainer and Counselor with USCCA, I teach people about firearms safety, concealment, and functions of the firearm. I offer training classes to youths to help them be safe when they are around firearms and I teach a Countering the Mass Shooter class for businesses and churches. People often times ask why do you like guns? Do you train to shoot in the arm or leg? Why are there so many places in the northern part of Illinois where you can’t carry your firearm? People should know and understand the importance of training. Ninety percent of all violent encounters happen between 9′ and 15′. Are you properly trained to respond timely enough to protect you and/or your loved ones? EDK help people overcome their fear of firearms. I have had many people take my class and would literally shake when I put the gun in their hands, but would ask can we go to the range at the end of class. Also, I try to help dispel the statement that guns are bad and they kill people.

I have helped people train with firearms for years but didn’t start doing it as a business until October 1st, and I have already trained 150 people. I believe that I am one of two brick and mortar locations in Springfield that offer professional firearm training classes. I also offer classes in Chicago once a month to help people in the African American culture become trained, responsible, gun owners.

I am offering two Basic Handgun Fundamental Classes, a $65 value, free to any first responders on June 19th 9am – 1pm and June 22nd, 5-9pm. they must register on my FB page or my website,

I am also hosting a free Countering the Mass Shooter course for places of worship on July 10th 9am – 1pm, location TBD. This class would normally cost $95 per person.

EDK Defensive Consultants LLC

1828 Stevenson Drive
Springfield IL 62703

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