Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

John Lubinski, PE teacher at Potomac Grade School is back with family friendly physical education games to play at home

It’s summer! There are lots of activities you can do as a family to get moving and enjoy the sunshine!

Family bike rides, outdoor scavenger hunts and going to the park are just a few fun things you can do… but if you want to get more creative with your outdoor fun, we have some ideas for you!

Water Balloon Home Run Derby
Equipment Needed:
Enough water balloons for each player to have equal attempts
Wiffle ball bat

Underhand toss to batter
Every hit counts as a point
Most points wins

Sidewalk Chalk Hopscotch/Mural
Equipment Needed:
Sidewalk chalk
Masking tape (for mural)

Mural Directions:
Masking tape on driveway or sidewalk
Lay in random patterns and angles
Color in all the spaces with different colored chalk
Pull up tape when all spots are filled in

Homemade Horseshoes
Equipment Needed:
2 paper towel tubes
2 paper plates per player PLUS 1 for each goal

Cut a hole in the middle of 2 paper plates and stand the paper towel tubes into them (goals)
Cut the ENTIRE MIDDLE out of the remaining plates (horseshoes) nd decorate in you want
Attempt to toss the paper ring around the tube
1 point for hitting the paper towel tube, 2 points for landing the ring around the tube
Increase/Reduce distance to make easier or more difficult
Most points wins