Cheryl Mitchell’s background is in education and agriculture, and she is a keynote speaker within the ag industry. On February 3rd, Cheryl will be moderating a panel of professionals (accountant, attorney, insurance & banker) at Pear Tree Estates. The topic: family, heritage and the long term plans of farming operations. Put simply, starting a conversation with experts about hard topics for farm families.

The “Impacting Your Farm Legacy Now” mission is to educate farm families with professional expertise, in a space free of advertising or sales pitches, for the sole purpose of being the catalyst for tough conversations we know are needed, but are difficult to begin. This is a candid conversation about family, heritage and the long-term plans of your farming operation. The questions will center on what happens as the farm trades hands and learning how to have discussions about topics that usually cause heartburn, including taxes, estate planning, and protecting your legacy.

To RSVP (by January 27th), please email or call Cheryl Mitchell: | 217-369-0637.