Fall bulb planting tips


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Most gardeners aren’t thinking about spring flowers right now, but it’s the perfect time to plant bulbs that will flower in early spring.

• Spring flowering bulbs by flowering time
o Very Early
 Snow crocus
 Spring beauty
 Snow drops

o Mid Spring
 Daffodils
 Tulips
 Hyacinth

o Late Spring
 Alliums
 Late Tulips or Daffodils

• Why to plant them:
o They provide early spring beauty when most of the garden is bare
o They are an important food source for pollinators early in the season

• How to plant them:
o Plant bulbs about 2-3 times deeper than the bulb is wide
o Tools for planting:
 Handheld drill with auger
 Bulb tool
 Trowel

o Plant in areas with good drainage

 To improve drainage:
• consider adding mulch or organic matter individual planting holes
• use raised beds
• Add mulch or organic matter to larger areas with tillage
o May want to consider squirrel protection – add hardware cloth or chicken wire to the soil surface

• Where to plant them:
o Naturalized plantings – plant anywhere in the landscape to mimic naturalized populations
 Daffodils are a good example
o Interspersed in existing garden beds – plant individual bulbs throughout your garden to fill space and flower before other perennials get going
o Plant small (or large) patches – for maximum display, plant in a solid patch if you have the space

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