Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

SpotOn is all about helping our community find more ways to easily patronize local business, giving local businesses ways to easily leverage technology to benefit themselves while providing great products and services to the local community. When SpotOn does business with local businesses, we most often save them money while giving them more and better ways to serve their customers (More ways to increase revenue while saving them money at the same time! Incredible right?)

SpotOn and I provide local, small businesses with tools to compete with and win against “Big Box” stores that aren’t as vested in the betterment of our local community. SpotOn lowers card processing costs for businesses and helps small businesses offer better services to the community. We often say we increase customer engagement with local small businesses by using Point of Sale technology combined with Loyalty software. SpotOn now has an incredible Retail Platform that provides merchants with a way to simultaneously manage in-store and online inventories as well as arrange for 2 day national delivery and SAME DAY local delivery which is better that Amazon. Again, allowing local businesses to serve local customers.

SpotOn actively partners with businesses to help them succeed. SpotOn believes that in order for us to make money, we have to help others make money and to support local businesses to be vital parts of their community. There are some companies that do some of what we do but NONE do all the things we do integrated under one “umbrella” to provide complementary products and services to help merchants thrive as they adapt to all the changes that are occurring every day. SpotOn NEVER stops looking for new ways to provide technology to help. Very very different than other merchant services companies that just process credit card transactions.