Champaign, IL (WCIA) East Central Illinois workNet helps people find good local jobs that are close to home and help them meet their financial goals and take care of their families. They also help people think about their futures and explore careers. If they want to go back to school to build careers – and are eligible – we can pay for job training.

Job training means short-term training for an in-demand job in a local industry.
This training allows people to compete for higher-skill jobs that are outside of entry-level or low-skill jobs.
If someone is eligible for job training, we provide a career assessment, help match their skills and interests to a local industry, help them choose a career path, and help them get into school.
We will pay tuition, books, and fees, and help with childcare and transportation costs.

There are a lot of great resources out there for low-income people and others who have a barrier to employment. Urbana Adult Education can help people get a GED, and Parkland College has the SWFT program, which is designed to support the re-entry population.
We collaborate with these other local organizations to support the needs of community residents who want a pathway out of poverty.

We have an application window for Parkland summer classes. That window is from March 21 – April 24th. If you are low-income or need improvement on some basic skills, you can apply for job training.
If eligible, we will help you with your Parkland summer enrollment.

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