Demolition Free Mold Remediation with Pure Maintenance of Central Illinois


Saint Joseph, Ill. (WCIA)

A better way to remediate mold! Demolition Free Mold Remediation for half the price and treated in hours not days. We can remediate the mold in your house in 5 hours. Our green dry-fog treatment not only kills all the mold in your house, it sterilizes corona virus at the same time. Our treatment puts a non-toxic protectant that won’t allow mold to regrow. Tests have shown no mold returned after 6 years with our treatment. We offer a one year mold free guarantee with our treatment of your whole house(Restrictions apply).

We treat mold, viruses, and odor in your house, by using a dry fog treatment the give them their healthy home back. Our treatment is EPA registered and FDA food surface safe. People think only “Black” mold is dangerous” but that is misleading as many types of mold are dangerous and can have harmful health effects. Dangerous molds can be any color.

20,000 mold spores fit on the head of a pin. If you can see mold in your house, you have a high spore count and may have a health issue.

We solve mold issues in your home. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, we can treat the mold in 1 day and help you buy or sell your home faster.

Revolutionary demolition free process eliminates mold and stops future growth! Our services include mold testing, air sampling and remediation. Our patented technology will save you time and money! We provide a demolition free dry-fog treatment and offer a 1 year mold free guarantee. Our protectant continues to kill mold spores and viruses long after we treat your home. We can treat a whole house in ~5 hours, compared to days. Our treatment not only kills mold in your house including it will kill corona virus at the same time.

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Pure Maintenance of Central Illinois
2225 Heather Hills Drive
Saint Joseph IL

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