Central Illinois (WCIA)

As we gear up for the approaching winter season, the age-old question arises: what insights can Mother Nature provide about the weather? While scientific tools offer valuable predictions, there’s a quaint yet intriguing method that has captured the imagination of many: the behavior of the woolly worms. Judy Fraser, our trusted meteorologist, delves into this fascinating folklore, shedding light on what these little creatures might be telling us about the upcoming winter.

In a special edition of “Ask Your Meteorologist,” Judy Fraser walks us through the enigmatic indicators that the woolly worms present. Building upon our discussion of how Mother Nature provides subtle hints, Judy offers a unique perspective on how to interpret the woolly worm’s movements in anticipation of the winter ahead.

Before Judy unveils this year’s much-anticipated Woolly Worm Forecast, we take a moment to revisit last year’s predictions and assess their accuracy. Through this retrospective lens, we gain a deeper understanding of the significance and reliability of this natural forecasting technique.

With the stage set and the excitement palpable, it’s finally time for Judy to reveal her official Woolly Worm Forecast for the season. Join us as we eagerly await this captivating revelation and prepare ourselves for what the natural world might be hinting at for the upcoming winter.