Cycling Offered at Champaign Fitness Center


Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Cathy Murphy, fitness instructor at Champaign Fitness Center, joins us to get us cycling into 2020.

Here’s more from Cathy:

I instruct folks in fun and effective cycle classes. It’s interesting because most people don’t expect it to be fun.

I help people become more fit through engaging and fun cycle classes. They usually join because they know “it’s good for them”. They keep coming because they find a supportive community there, and it is just really fun. People are often surprised that it isn’t competitive and they can take it at their own pace. Each participant is welcomed as a valued member of the group, and all efforts are recognized and validated. They really quickly get over their fears of it being too hard or not being able to “do it all.”

There are SO many benefits that go along with regularly cycling. In addition to the obvious cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits, they find an increase in self efficacy and confidence that carries over into their daily lives. Another important benefit is the increased levels of happiness and decrease in depression. These are well documented in many studies. They may not realize that they are actually increasing their immune system’s effectiveness because the act of cycling actually creates a healthier environment for cellular functions. They burn calories during class, but many folks don’t realize that the increased metabolic rate and calorie burn continues for many hours after class, which means they’re burning calories even at rest. And there’s the added comradeship that comes with attending the classes. These are just the main benefits. Cycling can be truly transformational!

Cycling Class at Champaign Fitness Center

Champaign fitness is a small gym that has just the right amount of equipment and services and is focused entirely on fitness. The size makes it easy to feel seen and to develop relationships with the staff and other members. It is a comfortable atmosphere with a diverse variety of members in all shapes, sizes and ages. In addition, a high priority is placed on keeping the facility clean. They offer well equipped private locker rooms that can be used to shower and get ready for whatever is next in your day. The owner is on site and very responsive to member’s needs. She is also a skilled personal trainer and group fitness instructor. The parking is well lit and right outside the doors. They’re open very early- 4:00 am – and stay open until 10 on weeknights and 7 or 8 on weekends.

Marcia Stevens, the owner, just hired 11 former Mettler instructors and has expanded her group exercise schedule. The new schedule is online and on the Facebook page. There is definitely something for everyone.

Cycling at Champaign Fitness Center

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